Youth Hostels are good quality budget accommodation where you can spend holidays in very welcoming environments and very affordable prices. Indicated above all to a young public as it allows to explore different regions economically and above all to know different cultures and people. It should be emphasized that although positioned outside the usual tourist circuits of Campania, the hostels live off their own tourism, returning to being part of international net-works and networks, which guarantee a minimum presence of tourists. Furthermore, by activat-ing a good "Shuttle" service, the competitive gap defined by the distance from the tourist centers can be reduced.

Youth Exchanges

Youth Exchanges allow one or more groups of young people to be hosted by one or more groups from other countries, to participate together in a common program of activities. These projects involve the active participation of young people and are structured so as to enable them to ac-quire knowledge and awareness of different socio-cultural realities , learning from each other and strengthening their awareness of being European citizens.

European Volunteer Activities

The purpose of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is to promote solidarity, active citizen-ship and mutual understanding among young people. The ESC allows young people to engage in volunteering for a maximum of 12 months, in a coun-try other than their country of residence. Experience increases solidarity among young people and is a true "learning service ". In fact, in addition to working for local communities, volunteers learn new skills and new languages, coming into contact with new cultures.

Ospitalità per Tironcinanti Internazionali

The European Union promotes international mobility programs for young people who must un-dertake vocational training courses. In particular, it aims to support those who participate in training and continuous training activities in the acquisition and use of knowledge, skills and qual-ifications to facilitate personal development, accountability and participation in the European labor market; increase the attractiveness of vocational education and training. With this in mind, the Paguro hosts interns from all over Europe thanks to the Giosef Italy association and its part-ners. Thanks to the latter, the Paguro also becomes a HUB that interconnects businesses, train-ees and intermediation bodies.

Work Fields

The volunteer camps (in Italy and abroad) are a concrete experience of manual and animation activities aimed at implementing projects in the fields of peace, the environment, archeology, solidarity and international cooperation. In particular in international ones, experiences, knowledge and cultural exchanges with different social realities and cultures are experiment-ed . All the fields foresee moments of formation through the study, the debate and the deepen-ing of topics connected to the project. Voluntary work camps have two types of goals: on the one hand there is voluntary work at the service of society; on the other, the formation of an in-ternational culture through interpersonal relationships and community life with different young people and cultures.

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