About Us

About Us

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The Giosef Italy Association - Youth Without Borders - was founded in April 1998 and aims to promote active European citizenship and youth mobility.

 The fact that Giosef Italy is involved in various activities of inclusion of young people and partici-pation confirms our main objective to create new dimensions for young people in social and pub-lic life, in order to facilitate their ability to cope with the needs of new genera-tions. Furthermore , Giosef Italy supports the construction of a welcoming idea of Europe, based on democracy, peace, tolerance and the acceptance of diversity. Furthermore, Giosef promotes non-formal educational and vocational training courses in an intercultural perspective.

These objectives are achievable through youth intercultural exchange programs, training cours-es, active citizenship actions, national and international internships, town twinning, convention and meeting, research and publication, solidarity, cooperation and development projects.

Our History

Despite the efforts made by the judiciary and the police, the province of Caserta and the whole Campania are confronted daily with the difficulties of living in the territory where the roots of the Camorra problem have settled in the minds of many citizens that "Camorra culture" , made up of dysfunctional models, transmitted from generation to generation, which have prov-en to be consolidated and "winning". The project idea intends to subvert the concept of a labora-tory territory of illegality and malfeasance by proposing a space where a factory of active citi-zenship can be created.

The development unit is given by the "Euro-Mediterranean Youth Center" entrusted to the Gi-osef-Italy Association by the Agrorinasce agency. The Center is located in Casapesenna in the province of Caserta, a territory that in the past assumed the toponym of "Terra di Lavoro", a ge-ographical area of Campania mentioned for the hard work of its workers and the wealth of its inhabitants.

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